Response to Government' IE6 Petition

I am really not happy about the governments response to the IE6 petition. SO I wrote this letter to my MP. I suggest if you care that you do the same through the link below.

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David Heath MP
Somerton and Frome

Friday 30 July 2010

John Scott

Dear David Heath,

I wanted to draw to your attention a small issue that would make a huge difference if your government would respond appropriately.

The governments response to the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) petition here is completely wrong and inadequate.

It is clear from the response that they simply don't understand that the UK government is necessitating the addition of up to 25-40% of cost to every website created. Holding back the creative industries of the UK by enforcing the support of these antideluvian practices when instead the industry could free this time and resources to devote to making great usable products at the cutting edge.

I am a retained consultant website manager for the Government Drugs Advice website for which my client is the C.O.I. and D.o.H. on behalf of Profero in Camden, London. A job I am very happy to do from my Frome home. In this project a highly disproportional amount of time and resouces is directed to ensuring compatibility with IE6 so as to allow the site to be compatible with users in government departments - instead of producing work to engage with the target audience of those who may be tempted to use drugs. Less than 0.05% of the target audience use IE6 and yet nearly 50% of the development effort goes to support it, so these prehistoric IT systems can view it. Children's lives and futures are at stake over this issue.

For a point of comparison I also am a lead web consultant on the highly effective / campaign on behalf of the BBPA & Apex. Visually you can immediately see the difference in terms of the level of engagement achieved by reducing the importance of IE6 compatibility if you look at this site side by side with FRANK. AxTBTx is viewable in IE6 but the same effort has not gone into ensuring all features operate as they have in FRANK due to the absence of the throttling UK HMG policy referred to in the petition.

I have been encouraging as many people as possible to sign this petition as the governments position on this issue is counter-productive and damaging. I naively believed that the forces of democracy would bring some common sense to bear on this issue.

I write mainly to share the disappointment I feel due to this weasel worded and foolishly misguided response. The fact that the government still standardises on IE6 (which is nearly a decade out of date) is indicative of a government which simply doesn't understand or correctly harness the internet and new or social media.

I wish to reiterate again how pleased I am that you are part of the governing coalition, but that when I see car-crash internet content like the PM talking to Mark Zucherberg of Facebook where his ignorance is palpable, whilst he repeatedly makes self-congratulatory nods when praised for the initiatives of the previous government that he clearly doesn't understand, I believe this is now the time when the liberal coalition partners should inject some common sense into this policy.

I request that as my constituency representative you can do what is available to you to ensure that this measure is properly debated by those MPs with a demonstrated understanding of these IT issues and the government is held to account on this misguided response to a sensible proposal.

kind regards,

John Scott.

Link to c3x site home page.

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  1. Posted 30 July 2010 at 13:09:41

    Also good analysis and argument here:

  2. Posted 30 July 2010 at 13:35:03

    the responses to this on twitter via are univerally declaring this government position as foolish

  3. Posted 30 July 2010 at 13:53:43

    also worth looking at
    for more universally condemming responses to this

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