What does c3x mean?

There are three different aspects to building any website and when these are working together harmoniously a great website is made. Creative can mean the primarily graphical  creative tools,  but also bending and using the tools  and  technologies to provide more insight into the message. Content is the message itself, but the medium is the message too, it's important to remember someone using a website is trying to find some content, the creative is useful for making it easy to find and easier to understand once found, but the content is the meat (or textured vegetable protein). The coding is the part that should be invisible, it should work and will only be visible when it is not working, you need it though  and without it you don't have the page. Ideally these three jobs should be  done by three different people who are good at working together and their conversation will cultivate a fruitful answer. A three way conversation is also idea as we're mostly born with two ears and one mouth and should use them in that proportion, all other things being equal then a three way chat should enforce that ideal. I've been using XML since 1998 and have really loved how it can bring flexibility without sacrificing purpose, so if you start by using extensible markup language as the way to join these disciplines together you have an answer which is inherently extensible and can then grow is novel ways, giving a life to the project to  develop on it's own path free of restrictions created on it  before  it was born.

So in summary the meaning of c3x are to make web implementations from the harmony of creatives, content authors and coders using tools that support  xml and xslt to allow the sum to exceed the parts.

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